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Finding the right automotive diagnostic tools in Scarborough is important. There may be several sellers who offer these products, but none are able to provide you with the high-quality that you can trust with DRG Industrial Supply Inc. Our goal is to help you find the exact options you need to diagnose problems in your vehicle, including code testers.


If you have an older car, before 1996, you may find that getting a code reader is a little bit harder to accomplish. Each car has its own system and codes and this makes it harder. We can help you to look for the right reader that works with your vehicle based on its model, make, and year. 


For newer vehicles, it is easier to find a code reader. Some manufacturers may have special codes that will make their vehicles special. However, many will work with the same type of reader, which makes life easier. Once you have the right code reader though, there are a few steps that you can use to help you use it and read it correctly.



  1. First, get in on the driver’s side and look for the diagnostic link connector. This should be in the shape of a trapezoid and is usually within two feet of your steering wheel or under the dash. Remove the cover if there is one.

  2. Take the plug of the code reader and place into the DLC outlet. This will look similar to the plug and the battery will provide the power for you. When this is ready, turn the ignition to “on” but don’t start the engine so you can get power to the code reader.

  3. After a few moments, you should be able to see a menu on the code reader. You can use the key to move around to read the codes. Each reader is a little different in how this works so you may need to read the manual to do it well.

  4. Clear out the code by scrolling to the “erase code” selection and press enter. You can then wait until the “command set” message shows up on the menu.



From there, you can use the codes to help you diagnose some problems with your car. You can then fix the car and make sure that everything is safe to work with. 


A code reader can make your life a little bit easier when something is wrong with your vehicle and can be one of the best automotive diagnostic tools in Scarborough. When. You are looking for a code reader for your vehicle, contact us at DGR Industrial Supply Inc today!

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