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There are Many different automotive diagnostic tools in Pickering that you can choose. And the right one for you will depend on your needs and what you would like to fix in your vehicle. At DRG Industrial Supply Inc, we are happy to help our customers find some of the diagnostic tools they need for success. Some of the different tools available for your vehicle include:



Code Readers



Code readers are the first diagnostic tool you may want to work with. They are often available in the form of a handheld device and can detect some of the common problems in your car and also adjust any fault that they are not able to fix on their own.



Some of These code readers are also able to reset a few systems in the car depending on the type you get. They will also help you perform a check on emissions and look for problems on your engine. There are some cheap options available, but our business offers some of the best quality so you get an accurate reading each time.



Tire Pressure Gauge



The next option for a diagnostic tool is a tire pressure gauge. This will help you to figure out how well the tires are doing and whether they have the right amount of pressure inside to drive safely. This is hard to determine on your own but with a tire pressure gauge, you can be assured that the tires are inflated to the correct PSI, or pounds per square inch, value to keep you safe.



Car Battery Testers



You can even test out the car battery to make sure that it still works the way that you would like. It is not uncommon for older cars to have trouble with the battery. It may not be fully charged if it is older, which makes it harder for you to turn it on, especially on colder days. There are different digital and analog voltmeters that you can use that helps you know whether your battery is charged or not.



Circuit Testers and Multimeters


Electricity is an important part of your car and there are very few components that run without it. You can use a circuit tester or a multimeter to check whether the current is going through or not. This is hard to tell if you are not a professional and you need a tool to make sure that any current is coming through or not.


At DRG Industrial Supply Inc, we can help you find all of the automotive diagnostic tools in Pickering that you need. Make sure to contact us today to get started!

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