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When the winter months show up and start to cause you problems, you may notice that your vehicle may not want to start. One of the most common reasons for this is that your battery is not fully charged and you may need to recharge the battery or get a new one. One of the best automotive diagnostic tools in Whitby that you can use to check on your batter is a multimeter. At DRG Industrial Supply Inc, we can help you choose the right multimeter for your battery to keep you safe on the road.


When you are ready to test out your battery to see if it needs to be charged or replaced, a few steps to use include:



  1. Prepare the multimeter you would like to use. To do this, you need to set the multimeter to voltage, checking that it is adjusted to 20 DC volts.

  2. Touch the probes to the terminals of the battery. You can press each probe to the right terminal, making sure that the positive goes to the positive and the negative goes to the negative. You may find that the battery and multimeter are color-coded to make this a little easier.

  3. Turn your headlights on: You can activate the batter a little here. Just ask someone to turn on the headlights of the vehicle for this part.

  4. Check the reading: When the vehicle is on and working, you need to check the multimeter. You can then write it down to compare and see whether this works.



For most car batteries, when it is 80 degrees out a full charge will be between 12.5 and 12.6 volts. If the battery is 75% charged, it is going to measure closer to 12.45 volts. But if the reading is below 12 volts, this is an indication that the battery is discharged.



If you do get a reading between 12.3 and 12.5, then you can charge the battery up to full. You do not want to hook it up to the car overnight because you need to re-test in the morning. If a battery holds a charge but still indicates a problem on the vehicle, this may mean that the battery is being drained, usually by the alternator.



A multimeter is a great automotive diagnostic tool in Whitby to use to make sure your vehicle always starts when you want. When you are ready to find the right multimeter for your vehicle, make sure to contact us DRG Industrial Supply Inc.

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